Notice the silence about menopause?

... I swear a couple of tumbleweed just rolled across the floor. Some of us can’t even bring ourselves to say the word and it’s important we change that. 

If you’re not there yet, it’s coming to ovaries near you and it’s a biggie... there are even three parts to it and yours will be a starring role.


We’re a feminist blog born on a girl’s weekender - four gen-Xers frustrated by the lack of just about anything associated with the meno-thingy. We shared stories and laughed a lot at the weird and wonderful stuff we do whilst under the influence of the meno. Move on a few months and here we are getting loud and asking you to join in.

Menopause is a roller-coaster ride not enjoyed by keeping schtum. So, let’s shush the shush, ditch the downplay and stigma, and open up on the real issues that matter to us.


We’re about empowering women by sharing our stories, swapping advice, pooling our knowledge and supporting each other. We won’t all agree or have the same experiences because, well… all women aren’t the same. Diversity is our strength and voices our power.

Flamin Nora?

Nora is our fearless little mascot and her significance goes deep. Her fiery pink hair and wry smile channel the fierce heat and attitude experienced by many women in the menopause. She’s saying, ‘It’s here… own it’.

Anne Bonson-Johnson, Designer